Monday, June 15, 2015

Arrival to Poland

We are off on this adventure we all call IST!!!  We had over 200 people at DIA sending off 73 teens from DIA heading to Frankfurt and then to Krakow!!  Our flights went extremely well and when we landed in Poland, we hit the ground running.  We toured the Jewish Quarter of Krakow (Kazimierz) seeing a few synagogues, stores, etc and finished with seeing the outside of Schindler's Factory (which has been turned into a museum) and the Krakow Ghetto.  Everyone is having a fantastic time, but internet is very spotty so will try to update everything tomorrow but may be a couple days...


Synagogue in Krakow

Umschlagplatz Memorial

Bus #2 Outside Schindler's Factory

Bus #1 Outside Schindler's Factory

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