Thursday, July 9, 2015

Time for Host Family Shabbat Weekend

Well, the students were back together for less than 24 hours before now being spread around the country for our Host Family Weekend.  They had a fantastic time on the Sea-to-Sea hike, community service and Gadna piece of our Electives week.  We won't be posting again until Sunday after everyone is back together and students are able to post some blogs and reflect on their Electives Week and Host Family Weekend. We wish all of you an early Shabbat Shalom and is incredible how quickly this trip has gone.  #ist2015 #lifechangingexperience

IST Haikus
Sea to sea was fun
It was very rewarding 
Now we are tired 

Israel is cool
Maddie and Allie love it
We want to stay here 

We want to thank staff
They take care of everyone 
We love our staff 

We are on bus two
A.k.a the better bus
There we sleep a lot 

We went snorkeling 
We saw so many fishies 
It was pretty cool

We saw jelly fish 
Allie got stung on her leg
It looks really cool 

We like the food here
The Shawarma is delicious 
But we miss pancakes 

By: Allie & Maddie 

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